Artist Statement
I am re-inventing the stylized images paying tribute to the masculine form in all sexual glory and homoeroticism.

DEFIANCE is a duet, exploring homoeroticized display of the elusive and sexualized beauty of the male form. DEFIANCE is my sojourn on blurred boundaries, challenging the status quo images of the fine art male nudes. By earning trust and confidence from my subjects, I gain access to their private sanctum, where they permit me to photograph their sexual-self, leaving nothing to my imagination.
"Ronald N. Tan has a great new project. He is photographing a series of sexy and edgy images showcasing men and exploring themes of sexuality with class. The men in Ronald's images hail from a culture with its own rules and taboos on sexuality. Together, they work and build trust and confidence in each other. Ronald himself grew up in an academic and conservative household. Challenging his own cultural restrictions on male nudity, he shows in his photography a liberated and lyrical capacity to capture the elusive beauty of the male form. We are all the richer for it."
Foreword by Adrian Phoon
Former Online Coordinator
DNA Magazine
February 2010
Ronald, it took me some time to think about it, but I'll say “yes,” because I think DEFIANCE is a beautiful idea. At first I was contemplating whether people would look at me differently, but I don't care what people think anymore. We are a team now and I trust you. I care less about people and their opinions aren't valid to me.
DEFIANCE means sexual expressions and confidence while breaking the cultural barriers that I have been taught my whole life and not being punished for it. The human body is beautiful, I’m not trying to be a rebellious child, just expressing myself in a way I thought I never would. I felt more confident than I ever have been after the shoot was over. DEFIANCE has changed my outlook on nudes.
If anyone is thinking about participating in DEFIANCE: I would say, be comfortable in your own skin. I honestly have never felt confident after the shoot; almost free.
I felt nervous on the image on the couch where I had to bare it all, because I didn’t want to look pornographic. I kept thinking about what people would say. I can honestly say the best image came out when I tucked all fears away and realized I’m doing DEFIANCE for myself. I felt free, confident, and relaxed at the moment. If I didn’t come to that notion, I don’t think we could have produced the image.
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